Overcome is a 2D action platformer in which you beat your inner demons without fighting them. It displays how grief changes a person's perception of the world around them.


Overcome was made to be an expression to the developer's personal experience with fighting cancer and coping with the mental stresses of going through treatment while at the same time attending college for a CS degree, going through a hard breakup later, and wanting to develop games as a profession. It is the first game made by the developer and was developed in a 6 month timeframe.


  • Fluid platforming mechanics that allow you to evade, block and fight various figments of your mind.
  • A unique shield that lets you block, deflect and glide to fight your inner demons as they attack you in several different fashions.
  • Four extremely challenging levels that will have the player dying multiple times before they can overcome the challenges.
  • Beautiful pixel art.
  • A heartfelt message expressed with metaphors.


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Selected Articles

  • A platformer with plenty of heart.
    Brittany Vincent, The Indie Game Website
  • Overcome encourages you to beat your inner demons without violence.
    Becca S, GameSpew
  • The commitment plus the challenge of a difficult platformer has my attention.
    , Linux Game Consortium
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About Overcome Studios

Overcome Studios is a one person game studio run by Kabir Lal. Kabir is a solo indie developer based in New Delhi, India. His goal is to not only develop games that people enjoy, but to craft experiences that leave the player in a better place than they were from when they started playing the game.
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Overcome Credits

Kabir Lal
Designer, Programmer and Artist at Overcome Studios
Anshuman Sharma
Music, Freelancer